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  • Item No.: PS-231225005
  • Colorway: Customized As Customer Request
  • Size Range: 2XS-3XL, OR Customized
  • Application: Outdoor sports,riding,camping,hiking,outdoor lifestyle
  • Material: 100%polyester
  • Battery: any power bank with output of 5V/2A can be used
  • Safety: Built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature
  • Efficacy: help promote blood circulation, relieving pains from rheumatism and muscle strain. Perfect for those who play sports outdoors.
  • Usage: keep press the switch for 3-5 seconds, select the temperature you need after the light on.
  • Heating Pads: 4 Pads- left & right hand pockets, upper-back, collar, 3 file temperature control, temperature range: 45-55 ℃
  • Heating Time: all mobile power with output of 5V/2Aare available ,If you choose the 8000MA battery, the heating time is 3-8 hours,The larger the battery capacity, the longer it will be heated
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    Embark on your hunting expedition with the ultimate ally – the MEN'S HEATED HUNTING VEST in the iconic MOSSY OAK BOTTOMLAND PATTERN. Picture yourself blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings, a silent predator in pursuit of your prey. This vest is not just your ordinary hunting gear; it's a game-changer that takes your outdoor experience to the next level. The Mossy Oak Bottomland Pattern, renowned for its realistic and effective camouflage, becomes an extension of your environment. As you move through the wilderness, the vest keeps you concealed, allowing you to become one with the landscape. It's more than just clothing; it's a strategic advantage, enhancing your ability to stalk your game unnoticed. But what sets this vest apart is the integrated heating technology. A true game-changer for cold-weather hunts, it features a built-in heating system strategically placed to keep your core warm. When the chill of the early morning or late evening sets in, activate the heating elements and feel the comforting warmth spreading through your body. It's not just about staying hidden; it's about staying comfortable and focused during those critical moments in the field. Crafted with precision and designed for the modern hunter, this heated vest is a fusion of technology and tradition. The MOSSY OAK BOTTOMLAND PATTERN adds a touch of authenticity to your gear, while the heating element brings a contemporary edge to your hunting experience. It's the perfect balance of practicality and style for the outdoorsman who demands more from their gear. Whether you're an avid hunter or a weekend warrior, the MEN'S HEATED HUNTING VEST is a testament to your dedication to the art of hunting. So, gear up, blend into the landscape, and let the heating technology ensure that you stay warm and focused, no matter how cold the wilderness gets. Elevate your hunting game with the perfect fusion of concealment and comfort.


    •Mossy Oak Bottomland Pattern: seamlessly integrating into wooded and marshy terrains for unparalleled concealment. Rooted in tradition yet modernized for effectiveness, this vest ensures you blend effortlessly into your hunting environment, giving you a strategic advantage in pursuing deer, waterfowl, and turkey.
    Regular fit Water & wind resistant
    4 heating zones: left & right hand pockets, upper-back, collar
    Up to 10 hours of runtime
    Machine washable

    Women's Heated Puffer Parka Jacket (9)

    Product Details

    •FELLEX® insulation offers effective warmth without bulk, facilitating easy layering for personalized comfort.
    •Whether worn as the outer shell or a cozy layer, the vest adapts seamlessly to your hunting style.
    •Crafted with high-quality, ultra-quiet micro-knit fabric, it allows you to get closer to your prey without detection.
    •The adjustable hem on both sides minimizes heat loss by allowing you to tighten the vest as needed for optimal warmth.
    •Multiple YKK zipper pockets, including two hand pockets, one chest pocket, and a battery pocket.

    YKK Zipper Pocket
    Adjustable Hem
    Ultra-Quiet Micro-Knit Fabric

    YKK Zipper Pocket

    Adjustable Hem

    Ultra-Quiet Micro-Knit Fabric

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